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September 7, 2023 | Nashville, TN


Hi everyone! It's been a minute since our last letter, but we just had the loveliest weekend in the Midwest with you all!

So many new friends (and new music that you seemed to like!)

Milwaukee - Consider cheese curds Jillian Dawn approved. I had such a blast playing for my FIRST TIME in Wisconsin. I really hope you'll have me back soon.

Chicago - Every time I get to play here it's always for the warmest crowd. I'm already missing you SO much.

I've made it back to Nashville after... well, I don't even know how many hours of driving in the past week. Going to catch up on some rest because NEXT WEEK we're back at it in Boston!

Really looking forward to spending more time with you this fall. More surprises on the way... stay tuned for some things I think you've been asking for...

Much love,


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