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May 8, 2023 | New York City



Don't even think I've fully fathomed the week we just had.

Let's start here...

Extra thanks to everyone who made it out to Rockwood last week for our first in-person pen pals event. Hope you enjoyed hearing some new music. It was wonderful to say hi to each of you. Let's do another one soon...? Which city for the next Listening Session?

Walked by Mercury Lounge on our way to the show on Wednesday. Crazy to think we're just TWO MONTHS away from The Headline Tour. Excited for our final show to be right here in NY on 7/30.

ALSO had a blast with SoFar on Friday night (as we always do)! To the new friends and pen pals joining us this week consider this the warmest welcome.

AND OF COURSE TikTok was a little active this week to say the least. I'm excited to share with you that we'll be sharing something very soon as another HUGE thank you for all the support.

There's still A LOT to share and tell you about this past week. Get excited because we're still putting together some more surprises that I'll OF COURSE tell you as soon as I can.

Sending you ALL MY BEST as we head into this week! Hope to see you all sooooo soooooon.

Your friend,


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